2x Berkhof Ambassador 200
Berkhof Axial 50 13M
Berkhof Camper
Den Oudsten Avance
Van Hool T915 Acron
Van Hool T915 Acron
Van Hool T917 Acron
Van Hool T917 Acron VIP
Van Hool TD824 Astromega BUSHOTEL
Van Hool TD927 Astromega '04

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You have a bus, coach or rebuild bus (such as a camper or motorhome) for sale and want Bussales to sell it for you. This is what you need to do:

Adding your vehicle to our sales list:
  • You email us at info@bussales.nl the specifications of your vehicle (including all options) and attach as many photos as possible. Also send us your lowest price you want to sell the vehicle for.
  • We'll review your request and contact you as soon as possible. We'll place almost all vehicles, except if they're (highly) overpriced or when the seller doesn't comply with our way of selling.
  • If your request is accepted, your vehicle will be placed on our website immediatly. On top of your sales price, we'll add our fee for intermediating.
Note that we do not buy your vehicle, we'll sell the vehicle for you! The vehicle remains your property until it's being sold to a customer. If you need your vehicle to be parked elsewhere, we can provide safe parking for a low monthly fee.

A potential client has interest:
  • A potential customer contacts us, and we'll be providing him with all the information that he requires.
  • When a potential customer want to inspect the bus, we'll arrange this in consultations with both the potential customer and you, the seller.
  • When the customer visits the vehicle, we'll always try to be there to act as the salesperson to sell your vehicle. Though, we can't always be at the scene, in that case we'll consult by phone or the seller will act as salesman. In case of price negotiations, the seller has to calculate our fee in his salesprice. Direct selling to customers we provide is strictly forbidden!
  • When a deal is made, Bussales will buy the vehicle from the seller. Bussales then sells the vehicle to the buyer. The buyer will receive an invoice from Bussales only.
Selling your vehicle online with us, does not mean you may not try to sell the vehicle yourself. You're free to advertise your vehicle elsewhere and sell the vehicle without our intervention, but only not to customers we send to you. If you sell the vehicle yourself, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can keep our stocklist up-to-date.

All errors and mistakes prohibited. Listings might contain factual errors. All vehicles are sold without warranty. General Sales terms apply.