2x Berkhof Ambassador 200
Berkhof Axial 50 13M
Berkhof Camper
Den Oudsten Avance
Van Hool T915 Acron
Van Hool T915 Acron
Van Hool T917 Acron
Van Hool T917 Acron VIP
Van Hool TD824 Astromega BUSHOTEL
Van Hool TD927 Astromega '04

Complete Interiors
Seats and Tables
Seat Parts
Various interior parts
Interior Panels
Various exterior parts
Technical parts

   Bevrijdingsweg 100
   5915 PL Venlo
   The Netherlands

   Tel. +31-77-8800700
   Tel. +31-63-7700800


  Our Profile

Bussales.nl is part of the Aleto Group. Aleto is already into coach and bus transportation and will now also be selling coach and bus vehicles.

Because of the knowledge and personnel from our own transportation activities, we can provide additional services to the coaches we're selling, such as transportation to your required destination, doing technical surveys and repairs, etcetera.

We have our own stockyard in Venlo (the Netherlands) where our buses are parked, but not all vehicles are located here. We act as intermediate for clients of us, who're still using the buses and coaches themselves or have them parked at their own estate. This can be in the Netherlands, but also in foreign countries (outside the Netherlands will be mentioned in the vehicle description). If you want to come, see and inspect a vehicle, please contact us in advance to make an appointment. We can then provide you with the location where the bus or coach is currently parked.

Do you have a vehicle for sale? We'll act as intermediate and will be selling the bus for you, at no extra costs! Mail us all information available including as many photos as possible, to info@bussales.nl. We will contact you shortly afterwards. Note again, that putting a vehicle for sale on Bussales.nl will cost you nothing! It's completely FREE!

Download our 'Algemene Verkoop- en Leveringsvoorwaarden' (general sales and delivery terms), Dutch version only.

All errors and mistakes prohibited. Listings might contain factual errors. All vehicles are sold without warranty. General Sales terms apply.